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27 Most Wished for Things on Amazon

These are the most wished for things on Amazon. From a PS5, a Hot Honey, a Cricut, a Reversible Octopus and an Ice Maker this is what people want.

Source: 27 Most Wished for Things on Amazon

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Philo!! Im in LOVE!!

So I started using Philo to get tv and….Omg i love it! You get Lifetime movie network, TLC, History channel and alot more. Y’all really need to check it out. The best part is… 🀩ITS ONLY $20 A MONTH 🀩 Way better and cheaper than Hulu!! Use this link and get a $5 Discount on your first month! https://philo.com/refer/RC5SQCFF πŸ€—

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The FAA Just Approved Amazon Delivery Drones

The FAA just approved Amazon to deliver packages by drone across the United States. But a small scale drone trial in Australia caused such a noise nuisance locals threatened to shoot the drones out of the sky.

The FAA Just Approved Amazon Delivery Drones